The O Reilly Super Bowl Interview, The Black Eyed Peas And The Sealing Of My Loner Status

I’m really enjoying my journeys into classical music. It’s been a truly wonderful experience just listening every day. 2 hours goes by quickly and I learn something new indirectly. Today I learned that the leitmotifs of Tom and Jerry were based on Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin. Among some other cool things. And I never would have even opened my mind to think of it had I not been listening. I don’t think people will ever really understand how much your world expands when you take that step outside of the box or go that extra mile to be different. You can’t find new things about yourself any other way.

Anyway on to the real reason I made this post:

Why is everyone all up in arms over the Bill O Reilly interview? Well not everyone. Just people who don’t even watch the news very often or know anything about Bill O Reilly.

I am not a big fan of the guy or anything but one thing I do like about him is he asks questions that won’t get asked anywhere else. He’s definitely apointed himself to that position. He’s not a great interviewer overall but he will ask a tough question and try to knock a politician off of their talking points. That’s something to be appreciated when you watch tons of interviews that are so soft ball and filled with uninspiring queries that use up the hour. I think he put Obama in an interesting position and Obama was able to hold his own.

The vitriol on both sides over this interview is quite ridiculous. O Reilly’s super hardcore sect think he was too easy on Obama judging by the mail he got. And Obama’s worshippers think O Reilly wasn’t respectful enough to the President…or something. Both of them are being ridiculous in my opinion. It’s not Bill O Reilly’s job to attack Barack Obama. It’s his job to ask him questions and try to get answers. And Obama like ALL politicians sticks to talking points because let’s face it a lot of our questions they can’t or won’t answer because their words weigh so heavily in so many arenas they can’t say or answer everything. They’re thinking about all the other interests they are beholden to including their own re elections. I don’t see the issue in trying to get him off of those talking points at all. No one wants to hear the State of the Union regurgitated.

Bah. Most of the people complaining probably hardly ever watch Obama or O Reilly anyway. And their opinions on both of them are so tinted by whoever is socializing them they couldn’t cough up an independent thought on the interview if they tried.


Why did the Black Eyed Peas suck so much at the Super Bowl? Like so much? Fergie sounded awful, and I’m done asking what Will I Am was wearing. Just done. They need to never perform live again at anything. The half time show has gotten pretty lame overall post nipplegate, but this was a low I totally didn’t expect it to reach. Hats off to the Peas though. You can tell they really tried. It’s unfortunate how much they sucked anyway.

My loner status. It’s not really bothering me so much anymore. I really do have a good time when I go out alone now. I do wish I felt like someone understood me though. That is a terribly isolating feeling. I don’t really have anyone to talk to. I think one of my friend’s has abandoned me for his girlfriend. It’s to be expected. She’s having sex with him and all, but it’s incredibly lonely just the same. I’m an old person in a college town at 26 and I realize this more and more every day. But it is terribly isolating not to be around anyone like you and where do you find people like you? Especially when your interests are so diverse and different. I go along with the crowd from time to time but the same bar hopping and drinking got old to me a long time ago. I long to have a deep meaningful relationship with someone. It doesn’t have to be a romantic one at this point and we don’t have to agree. In fact I prefer that we didn’t. I just want mutual admiration and good conversation.

My God where will I ever find such a thing?

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Be A Recluse, Bite My Tongue Or How I Learned Intellectual Pursuit is Alienating And Unattractive

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit first off that I am combative in nature.

But I feel I must be at times. It is so stifling to sit in a room and pretend to not notice things that everyone else doesn’t notice at times and people really don’t get that. It took me a long time to come to grips with who I am. A good long time and I think I probably handled it with more finesse than some of my siblings did and more willingness to try to be apart of regular society.

I often remark that I have Lisa Simpson Syndrome. A meddlesome made up disease of my own creation that requires me to be a busy body and makes me incapable of accepting that everyone did not enter this world to know more, or even the basics of it. Much of life is dictated from a television screen and a music making machine and the standards are often aimed at what we are told to shoot for.

Those of us who miss the hypnosis of that beat are often the alienated. We are not all geniuses. I’m only slightly above average intelligence I’m sure. Where I am impressive some places I c ould probably be swooped into the dismissive category of “average” in others. But I love to be extraordinary. Every day of my life I live for it. The very thought of being wonderful. My mind plays endless fantasies of my greatness. That I shall depart the earth with my name known or with a work so beloved that people will wish they had known me even though if they had met me they’d probably not have liked me very much.

O but I’m not very unlikable for the most part. I know this. As much as I am combative, opinionated, snarky, sometimes snobby and emphatic about whatever I have made my  mind up about I am loving, courageous,  kind and sympathetic in nature as well. I lack the compassion to empathize at times only because I don’t want people to suffer the things I have so I often brashly tell them the way to get through the obstacle without really trying to understand how they feel. But o how I want for them to find that other side.

In short I am a good person. But I am a desperately flawed, and lonely person. I have often reflected on my loneliness. My inability to find a suitable mate and the rare times when I can find friends who can tolerate my desires and ambitions. I have often though myself alien except in the rare instances when I could find a kindred spirit. Because everyone isn’t intellectually driven no matter how hard I dream that they are.

No matter how much I want that. This is a lonely life and one that I didn’t willingly choose, it honestly chose me.

And I have followed it though it hasn’t produced me a great job or a great husband or any of the things that are really valued in life. It has only brought me misery with the endless amount of knowledge I have obtained.

I’m sure boys will always find me as unlikable as ever because it is the sweet and mild mannered who win the day and not the brash and the fearless of the mouth when it comes to women. Or the brainiest either. That’s not what they’ve been programmed to love. But it is what I am. It is what I have always been.

I’m sure women will always find me unbearable to relate to and that others will always respect a hell of a lot more from me than they will ever expect from anyone else. And I am sure I will always torture myself for being as socially inept as I am intellectually capable.

I am sure that this person who I am will always be offputting and undesirable, but who the hell else shall I be? Truth be told I can’t think of a better person in the world.

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How 2 Hours of Classical Music A Day Keeps Me Mellow Or The One Where I Remember That Looney Tunes Secretly Taught Me The Classics

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions.

It is great to set goals but we need to be working on self improvement all year round! Time and time again people set a goal that is lofty in January and give up by February because it was too difficult and decide to wait til next year.

Every year I have some general goals and dreams that revolve around learning more, reading more, making more money, being more mentally, physically and spiritually fit and secretly hoping to find love. As many of you know I am more successful at some of those goals than others but it gives me a lot of room to make improvement and the generality doesn’t hinder my focus, it actually allows me to be more creative and flexible about what I want to do to make myself better and alleviates the pressure to get one finite thing done.

I can do anything anyway so why not do lots of anythings on a whim as they come to me?

This year’s biggest whim is I want to listen to more classical music.

From the age of 6 til the age of 17 I played classical music year round on the piano and learned at the hands of a skilled German pianist Mrs. Tyler. She taught all my brothers and sisters. My brother Geroid was always the superior pianist though and after a while my focus on a bunch of other activities caused me to drift away from playing but I never lost my love of the music.

I read online somewhere that a mere 30 minutes a day of classical music can greatly relieve your stress.

Well, I have a pretty stressful job and being me (whimsical, passionate, impulsive and sometimes isolated) can be stressful at times too just because of my personality traits. So I decided that along with my other general personal improvement goals I was going to listen to 2 hours a day of classical music to improve my knowledge of it and eliminate stress (2 goals in one).

I have found it infinitely relaxing when I am at work. I usually get my 2 hours in there and it seriously makes the most annoying of situations pass by whimsically. It feels like work is apart of some grand performance I’m in when I’m listening to the music. Each song that comes and goes takes with it a moment out of my day and dramatizes it in a fun way that would have me half spinning to a bathroom break or taking a bow after successfully completing a task.

I didn’t even have to purchase any music, I simply created a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart station on my Pandora and let it do the work for me. It has sailed into and out of some great periods of music for me, baroque, romantic, classical and even contemporary composers and kept me intrigued by the sheer talent that each of these artists had to have possessed to create such glorious works.

When I listen to classical music I am always in awe that this tune did not exist before the moment that this person composed it. And there weren’t recording devices in a great many of these composers’ cases so they just wrote these beautiful songs and sometimes played them once and never again and mainly in “polite”company. And then back to the composing board.

I feel infinitely lucky to even be experiencing this music, and to be further learning about the style and specialties of each composer as the playlist expands and flourishes through the different periods and works. And as I have myself pledged to read more books about their works to broaden my own knowledge in the coming year.

I’ve found one of my all time personal favorite songs is probably the Waltz of the Flowers from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker.

I have always really liked Tchaikovsky’s work though ever since I was a child. Having seen Black Swan now as an adult I’m even more impressed with the work he did with Swan Lake. I also really enjoy, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, and Chopin for various reasons. Probably because they’re all great. And I love great.

Today as I was listening to my classical music station (today I listened for about 4 hours instead of 2) I wondered to myself had I always appreciated classical music? I feel as though I have. That I have always at least found it fascinating even if it wasn’t the number 1 thing in my iPod or bursting in prominence in my CD collection. I still had always known some of the songs and then I remembered that it was not only my German piano teacher that exposed me to the music, but older cartoons, mainly Looney Tunes that had shaped my perceptions of the music as a child.

Older cartoons I believe used classical music because it was in the public domain, already composed and therefore easiest to use when creating their shorts. How lucky for me because those days in front of the television did manage to teach me a thing or two without me realizing it.

Forever when I hear music from Rossini’sThe Barber of Seville I will think of that scene, well the entire episode really. And I remember thinking the music was so cool then watching the cartoon as a child but I never realized it was classical music I was being schooled and as I was being entertained by Bugs and Elmer.

And I can never hear Wagner’s the Ride of The Valkyries without thinking “Kill da wabbit! Kill da wabbit!”

A couple of other videos concerning the Looney Tunes and classical music:

Those images and many more helped to shape my love for classical music I believe at an early age when I didn’t even realize what a gift the appreciation for it was. It’s amazing to think of how many songs I first heard to the antics of cartoon characters and how just the recognition of the song coming up on my Pandora can bring back such fond memories.

I pity any kid who doesn’t get to grow up on Looney Tunes or some of the other older cartoons. They’re missing out on a starter course in classical music that they would never even realize they are taking! Perhaps other cartoons have picked up the ball, I’m not sure. I haven’t seen such evidence but I think they should keep those cartoons in rotation just for that reason. Kids should be exposed to this music in anyway possible, and not all of them will make it to the symphony, play an instrument or come across it in other ways that require an extra bit of effort.

But it should be heard.

Because it is therapeutic to listen to, I’ve found. It is art and these are some of the greatest compositions our civilization has managed to create and a testament to the passion, creativity and desire to share that creativity that the human spirit possesses. Some pieces take you away in their beauty and others build to a climax that leave you spent at their beauty when they conclude. Even without words in many cases these songs can make you feel amazing things. Still hundreds of years from before the music of passionate driven composers can speak to us and communicate so much without ever uttering a word. How could you not be in awe?

Some personal favorite pieces listed in no particular order, grouped by composer, some chosen for not being very well known and with an occasional youtube video for easy access:

1. Piano Concerto No 24. in C minor- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2. Clarinet Concerto in A Major-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

3. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (this one is probably most recognizable to people)

4. The 1812 Overture-Pyotr Tchaikovsky

5. Symphony No 6- Pyotr Tchaikovsky

6. Violin Concerto in D Major- Pyotr Tchaikovsky

7. Symphony No 3 In E Flat Major- Ludwig van Beethoven ( a very cool not extremely well known piece)

8. “The Moonlight Sonata”- Ludwig Van Beethoven

9. Waltz in D Flat-  Frederic Chopin

10. Nocturne in C Major-Chopin- Frederic Chopin

Just off the top of my head. The other advantage of course to all of that when someone says something stupid I don’t like, I can be like Lisa Simpson:


And have a very extensive collection to choose from.

This has really been a pick me up for me. I hope some of you give a few of these pieces a listen or perhaps create your own favorite composer’s station on Pandora. You’d be surprised what a little bit of listening a day can do for your soul.


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In Actuality, Pagans Are “The Original Reason For The Season” Or How Christmas Is More Secular Than It Is Religious In The Minds Of Most

No matter how many times people may proclaim Jesus is the reason for the season, it simply is not that cut and dry. The history of the holiday and the traditions that have become apart of the normal celebration in a lot of cases pre date the birth of Christ and should not be dismissed.

It’s not to say that Jesus plays no part or isn’t the centralized figure of what has come to be known as the holiday season in modern times. But if we face the pretty widely accepted facts here, Jesus wasn’t born around Christmas time in most scholars educated opinions, and it is known that the Pope Julius the first in 350 placed Christ’s Mass (Christmas) around the same time as several pagan winter celebrations. Some say it was because they wanted to stamp out the celebrations pagan roots in favor of Christian ones while others claim it was because the Church thought it would be easier to convert Roman pagans to Christianity if they placed the celebration closer to their own. Still others (mainly Christians) have claimed that the celebrations were placed there to actually keep Christians from partaking in worldly celebrations by giving them their own at that time to prevent the distraction.

Yule, The Feast of Isis, and Saturnalia are just some of the pagan festivals that were celebrated at or very close to December 25th. Most of them revolved around the winter solstice, and included feasts and heavy drinking.

Many of the secular aspects of Christmas that few people are able to readily explain their relation to the religion of Christianity have pagan roots.

Some historians claim that the Mummers who were entertainers who traveled door to door during the Roman festival of Saturnalia are the forefathers to Christmas carolers and that is where that tradition comes from.

Christmas trees as we understand them have been traced back northern European pagan celebrations where they would cut down trees and decorate them to put in their homes in the winter as a symbol of a reminder that the spring was to come in some explanations of the practice. The Romans would put 12 candles on their tree in the memory of their sun God Bacchus.

The Yule Wreath, and evergreen boughs are also tied to Paganism.

This isn’t to say that Jesus is not an integral part of the season, but it is this belief that there is an attack on the religious aspects of Christmas that has brought me to write this post.

In all actuality, Christianity placed itself in a tough situation when it decided to place its celebration among pagan ones. Things have certainly gotten absorbed and become apart of the customs of the season to the point where we must admit to ourselves that Christmas is not a purely Judeo Christian religious holiday in most ways anymore because it has become the mixture of too many different customs for us to make such claims.

The very placement of the holiday is a reaction to paganism, many of the aspects that are most closely associated with the holiday have origins that are before the existence of the actual person the holiday celebrates, and many who do celebrate don’t exactly consider themselves to be practicers of the faith.

The secular aspects of Christmas are unfortunately just as much under attack as the religious ones. It should be accepted that in almost all cases Christmas is now a secular holiday. Christmas trees, lights, wreaths and boughs of holly have little do with the idea that God was born as a man and they shouldn’t be under attack as religious items when they aren’t. As I have stated before these types of festivals and activities predate his birth and beyond nativity scenes, carols directly referencing his divine birth and church services there isn’t very much religious about Christmas anymore anyway. It is perhaps one of the most secularized holidays with religious roots that we have, well except maybe St. Patrick’s Day.

As much as Christian should be less sensitive to the so called “attacks” on Christmas, the non believers should be less vigilant in finding forced religious exposure in every symbol of a holiday that has evolved greatly over the years.

Christmas has become so diverse in meaning to so many people we should be able to acknowledge its religious roots while also giving equal acknowledgement to its secular roots and traditions as well. And celebrate it as we see fit without judgment or trying to force religious implications on the portion of the season that has little to do with the Virgin birth.

So here’s what I say, put down your dogmatic spears of war, Christians and non believers. Christians should thank Pagans for giving them an awesome time of the year to usurp, and pagans and non believers should thank Christians for consolidating a bunch of pagan’s religious traditions into one wonderful time of the year. And most of all, malls and all the other stores of the world should thank them both for giving them a reason to guilt people into buying a bunch of crap they wouldn’t otherwise bother to buy for their families. Everyone wins!

Merry Christmas.

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Reflections On Santa Claus Or How I Feared Being Horribly Blinded By Him

I chose this Santa Claus with the pipe because my dad was a smoker. And in some ways my dad was Santa Claus. My mom was too but she didn’t smoke but she also doesn’t have a beard. So you see where I’m going with this.

Anyway, I loved believing in Santa Claus as a child. I know now it’s pretty hard to get kids to believe in anything because of the internet and general apathy or parents saying it’s lying to your kids to teach them about Santa Claus (They’re kids! this is the best time to lie to them before the cruel world slaps em in the face with reality and they have nothing but dull memories to share with their therapist at the age of 28 when they suffer their first nervous breakdown. )

Sure, it’s lying. But it’s one of the best lies I’ve ever experience in my life.

Viva the Santa Claus lie (or undeniable truth if you are a kid reading this. And if you are a kid reading this you’re not getting anything for Christmas if you read  past this point. You’ve been warned).

Because my parents were the best liars when it came down to it. And I salute them. Those  lies made up some of the greatest experiences of my childhood and still to this day bring up such memories of warmth, laughter and comradery between me and my siblings that Christmas remains my favorite time of year. It loses its glitz and glamour in adulthood but those childhood memories remind me of what it means to those so much younger and what I can do to make someone else have a special Christmas.

Because to me there was simply no more special time of the year. There was nothing more exciting than the prospect that my good behaviors would be rewarded by a fat man in a sleigh with his reindeer. And mind you I was an especially inquisitive little child with questions for days and the nature of rebellion in me like all children. But my mother was and still is a brilliant woman and she managed to keep the lies straight and believable.

And what she lacked in fancy my father made up in scaring the crap out of us. This is all to preface my own version of the Santa Claus myth.

For you see as I understand it every child has their own Santa Claus in their head that is created by the mixture of popular media and whatever their parents happen to tell them.

First of all my Santa Claus is white.

Now my mother wanted me to believe he was black (my father really could care less) but I saw a picture of a black Santa Claus and quite frankly the beard and red suit combo just didn’t compliment his skin tone. So my Santa was white and it didn’t matter what my mother told me. He was white. No black man would live at the North Pole in my opinion so she was just trying to be polite is the only thing I could figure.

He always got my letters, which I wrote in crayon because I wanted to portray an immaturity and innocence when I wrote them (yes as a child I considered such things). The letters always bordered on the outlandish (at one point I asked him to kill the character Carly off of General Hospital for me because I detested her so much) as I took time to make wishes about world matters or politics even as a child.

I wrote on behalf of the starving people in Somalia when I was pretty young because the idea of being hungry has always been scary to me for some reason though I never experienced it. But I always asked for my toys. Barbie, video games and movies always topped my little Christmas list.

According to my mother, the letter had to be mailed before Thanksgiving but we gave them to her. I learned to address envelopes in the first grade so I had some issues with only writing Santa at the North Pole with no Zip code or street number on it. But my mother informed me there was really only one Santa and with the volume of mail he got he didn’t really need the rest of the info on the envelope. Sounded good to me

My Santa Claus didn’t leave coal in your stocking. You just didn’t get shit if you were bad.

Pretty straight forward. Now I often questioned this theory because my younger brother Geroid to me was the personification of evil. If I was Lisa Simpson (and surely I was) then he was definitely Bart (with our birth order reversed) and I couldn’t imagine how Santa was seeing all of his bad behavior and rewarding him. I thought at first the presents were out of pity but as I got older I suspected that Santa’s requirements for getting on the naughty list were a little lenient. Shooting my Barbie dolls in my Fold N Fun House with a BB Gun didn’t land him on there. Perhaps you had to maim animals or sell drugs?

Secondly, Santa must see you in the mall after you’ve sent your letters and proven you are good.

This is a necessary formality in order to prove to him that you actually really believe in him. Even though after a while you realize these are only his helper Santas and not the real Santa who is far too busy and important to have you sitting on his lap taking overpriced pictures with him, you must go. It occurs to me now that my parents were only using this as a way to keep track of us photographically one Christmas after the next but back then it seemed to me as though seeing him and telling him what you wanted again after you wrote the letter was just completely necessary. To this day I will go and see him just to be safe and sure.

Thirdly,  I don’t know about you, but I was an especially good kid because Santa came to my house personally.

Now I was sure this was the real Santa and not the crappy mall Santa all the other kids who weren’t as special as I am got to see. I’m pretty sure he came mainly for me though and that my siblings only got to see him by default. He gave us early Christmas presents which were mainly crap that I didn’t really want but I’d play with it up til Christmas just to show him I wasn’t an ungrateful child. He entertained us for a while and then left.

Now this was the first time where I really almost lost my belief at a young age. I remember dashing up the stairs after he left heading to my bedroom window waiting for him to take flight in his sleigh…only to see him get in a Pontiac Grand Am bright red and drive away. My mother was right behind me and I remember looking at her and saying in total disbelief: “He’s not in a sleigh!” and my mother telling me “O Alexis he doesn’t just drive a sleigh around except on Christmas Eve!”. It made enough sense to me.

And Christmas was saved.

Fourthly, Santa Claus requires you to be in bed by 10pm. If you’re not asleep at midnight then you won’t get anything. Before bed you must prepare him a snack because he is going to be very busy and hungry all trip. Cookies and milk is what he likes.

Until I was 18 I left cookies and milk out for Santa out of habit. I still when I go to sleep on Christmas Eve feel as though something magical shall transpire while I slumber. I do remember one Christmas waking up quite cranky to find that Santa had only drank half of my milk. I complained as I opened my presents about what an ungrateful old man Santa was and my dad said quite snippily “Well, you’re not the only little girl in the world whose milk he has to drink!”. My dad was the one eating the cookies and drinking part of the milk. My dad is lactose intolerant so he took it quite personally that I was so judgmental of Santa’s milk consumption!

Speaking of my father, the fifth thing was the most frightening thing of all that haunted me as a child for the longest time and hilariously it is the part of the myth I simply can’t WAIT to share with my children: My dad always told us that if we stayed awake or got up too soon and Santa Claus saw us peeping at him he’d blind us by blowing soot in our eyes.

I suspect he only thought it was a harmless joke. But it scared the crap out of me and my brothers and sister.

I would wake up Christmas morning in terrors. It was still dark, perhaps 6am and was he downstairs still? I couldn’t go and look! I couldn’t! He’d blind me for sure. So I’d get up and wake my sister up and then we’d go in our brothers’ room and sit and look at each other terrified. Should we go downstairs? Could he blind us all at once? Should we wake our parents up? Would he blind them too?!

I always imagined it the same way. I’d creep down the stairs thinking it was safe and there he’d be standing with his red coat on rifling through his bag. I’d open my mouth but no scream would escape so then I’d turn to run back up the stairs but he’d see me.

He’d know I saw him. And he’d open his gloved hand and blown the black chimney soot and no matter how far away from him I was it would get in my eyes and I wouldn’t be able to see. I’d be blind forever and all because I got up too early on Christmas. And can soot blinded kids play with their Christmas presents or does he take them away? I never was sure. All I knew is I did NOT want to be blinded on Christmas at any cost! And it was easily one of my worst fears!

Eventually the sun would rise or our parents would tell us we could go downstairs and each step down was terrifying until we reached the tree and realized that evil, evil Santa Claus wouldn’t be blinding us this year.

Now one year my brother Geroid lied and said that he got soot blown in his eye and that he had seen Santa Claus. He still didn’t end up on the naughty list. I’d really like to know what were the requirements to get on that damn list?

So there you have it!

My Santa was an old white man in a red coat and hat who lived at the North Pole but drove a Red Pontiac Grand Am in the off season, had a several step process to apply for and receive gifts like a bureaucrat which included a visit to one of his mall agents, he never drank all of the milk ,he would blind you if you looked at what he was doing on Christmas Eve, and he never really put anyone on the naughty list anyway.

Those are the things I remember about my childhood Christmases. I remember some of the more notable gifts I got but those are the memories that stand out the most. And I’m often in awe every year as an adult at how much thought and time my parents put in to making our Christmases so truly wonderful and allowing us to believe it was someone else who was doing it…what wonderful people. Childhood is a magical time in our lives where truly anything is possible and the world is filled with unexplained and blissfully imaginative wonders. It’s what makes Christmas truly magical outside of the religious implications. I wouldn’t trade in any of those memories for anything and I hope that if the Lord is to bless me with children I will be able to recreate some of those wonderful memories.

And perhaps my kids will have a similar Santa Claus in their lives. But he won’t drive a Pontiac Grand Am since they don’t make those anymore.

Well, you get the idea.

Merry Christmas.

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The 26 Hot Men I Wish Had Crashed My Birthday Party

Every year when I get older I like to write something reflective. Well this year, I’m not going to get very reflective. I’m just going to get really shallow and weird on you guys. I might even lose a few friends off of this. Well probably not. I’m going to make a list of famous men I wish would have come to my party because I find them hot in my own particular odd ball way. You are more than welcome to comment, but ultimately this is about me. They’re not in any order, just whatever order I happen to think of them. So here goes


26. Alexander Skaarsgard

He’s absolutely one of the sexiest men in the world to me. He’s super tall, and super handsome. I really don’t like blond hair and blue eyes but gorgeous is gorgeous. I don’t know what Sookie’s problem is on True Blood, Eric is irresistible. He could certainly come to my party with or without the fangs. Preferably with.


25. Johnny Depp

Give me a girl whose fantasy list this guy isn’t on? His face is absolutely beautiful and he’s doing a hell of a job aging. Fine. Fine. Fine. A little on the thin side and a smoker. Also looks like he doesn’t bathe as often as he should but I’ll over look it I promise. As long as he smokes outside he can definitely come to my party.


24. Adam Levine

He’s hot in that lead singer of a band sort of way for sure. I have never heard him talk though and my little sister said he has an annoying speaking voice. No problem, he’s not allowed to talk. But he is a decent height, he’s got dark features and he’s handsome. And he has toned up recently. So he is definitely more than welcome.


23. Ryan Reynolds

It’s weird because I used to think he was just goofy and annoying in most movies. He was never bad looking, but it’s amazing what a few roles and weeks in the gym will do for a guys sex appeal. There’s something hot about the guy who is hot, but doesn’t act like he’s hot and actually seems like he’s a little clumsy and self deprecating. That’s even hotter. So that’s the it factor for Ryan. And he’s definitely on my fantasy guest list even though Green Lantern doesn’t look especially good to me.


22. Cillian Murphy

You know when I look at him I always think he looks just a little feminine in some ways. And he’s not handsome in the classic way, but at the same time he’s still incredibly good looking and there are things about him that truly draw you in. He’s intense, and mysterious and odd. That’s what makes him attractive and sexy to me anyway. He’s definitely on the paler end of the spectrum for my tastes but he’s still extremely appealing. And he comes across as a class act. So I would feel validated having someone like him at my party, lol


21. James Franco

I’d classify him as having that classical boyish good looks on a grown man sexiness. I don’t like him that much with the facial hair, this incarnation right here is how I prefer him. He looks young, fun and carefree and in interviews I’ve seen he seems like he has some pretty positive energy. All in all he just comes across as cool on top of being good looking.


20. Stephen Colbert (In Character)

I’m an odd woman but I doubt I’m the only one who finds Stephen Colbert oddly sexy. He’s decently tall, dark and handsome in a professorial sort of way. He has an it factor to, plus he is so hilarious and charismatic. He seems like he can suck all the attention out of a room and on to himself even when he is near another famous person. He’s magnetic like that and funny is always sexy!! And that’s the Word!


19. Robert Downey Jr.

Hot Hot and Hot. I really hope being at my party wouldn’t screw with his sobriety, but if I have a fantasy list he simply has to be on it. Older but still swaggering with a youthful zest to him, Robert Downey Jr has it going on. And he definitely has that life of the party attitude about him. Plus that slight jerk edge but not full blown jerk thing is something that (unfortunately) all of us ladies tend to have some attraction to at one point or another in our lives. One of the sexiest post train wreck stars out there.


18. Hugh Jackman

Wolverine sucked. But the movie was worth seeing because it had Hugh Jackman running wet and naked for a few minutes. Then after that even he couldn’t save it. If he had come to my party it would have made up for me having seen that film. That said I’ve already said I have a weakness for tall men and he’s got height and body build going for him as well as being dark and incredibly gorgeous. One of the most charming face lighting smiles out there in the game and he’s got an accent. So party access is certainly granted.


17. Spock

When I went to see Star Trek last year I didn’t know what to expect because…well I hated Star Trek most of my life. Just found it sort of hammy. Anyway I remember being instantly enamored with Spock. I’ve always been drawn to intelligence and some jerkish qualities so a guy who is completely logical and tries not to show emotion sadly is a strong attraction for me lol. I remember feeling so silly for how big a crush I had on him and my friend leaning over to me after the movie was over and saying “Based on attitude alone I know you have a thing for Spock!” But he simply has everything. He’s smart, he’s handsome, he’s a high achiever and he commands respect. I’m not sure he would be big on birthdays or drinking but I’d still want him at my party anyway. At the very least he could use his grip if people got too rowdy and be the sexy designated driver.


16. Joseph Gordon Levitt

I had such a crush on him when he was on 3rd Rock From The Sun. Seeing him in Inception though, he certainly still has it and then some now a days. He’s got that boyish good looks thing going on and he’s certainly shorter than I prefer but there is something kind of boy next door and inviting about him while also sophisticated. And he has dark hair and dark eyes which are my normal preference (I actually only date black men, but most of my fantasy guys are dark featured white guys, lol go figure). It’s gonna be fun to see where his career goes. He could certainly have gotten VIP treatment at my bday party.


15. Paul Rudd

Ya know something funny? I didn’t like Paul Rudd for the longest time because the creepy step brother thing in Clueless bugged me so much I just associated him with creepy. I mean I was a teenager back then and it just wasn’t flying.I couldn’t even tell he was hot back then because it disturbed me so much. In any case I love him now though. He’s like the perfect leading man for romantic comedies these days. He works because he’s handsome but he comes across as dorky in a funny and endearing way and he still seems like he has several elements of cool about him to go along with the dorkiness. He seems like a genuinely nice guy too on top of all of that. And the dark hair, combo with the killer blue eyes works. He seems like the guy who could certainly keep the party going and keep everyone engaged. So I’m way over the creepy step brother Clueless thing. Rudd is yummy.


14. John Stamos

Have Mercy!!!! He’s the only reason I attempted to watch Full House as a kid. Why did they even have the annoying uncle on there? He was the only uncle that was necessary. Ok the whole show was crap. But Stamos! He’s just all sorts of gorgeous. And he has a great head of dark hair, those piercing blue eyes, a great smile and I’ve seen him on Conan’s show enough times to know that he has a great sense of humor too despite having been on Full House. He’s all around all sorts of hot and he seems like such a cool guy. Would definitely want him hanging around by the punch bowl.


13. Denzel Washington

I mean he still looks nice now but if I had my pick it would be young Denzel. He’s got that classic charm to him. Definitely handsome, definitely tall, certainly dark but he oozes charisma and talent.And that smile and that laugh. He’s someone you’d totally want to be around when there’s a good time going on and he looks great all dressed up. So I definitely hope he RSVPs to his invitation to my fantasy party, lol


12. George Stephanopoulos

When I was a little kid watching the Clinton White House I fell in love. And the love only grew when he became an ABC News Correspondent. George, George, George…so boyishly handsome, so dark, so Greek. So Clintonian. On the short side but it’s all forgiven because he is just extremely dreamy to me in so many other ways. When I was in high school I confided in my social studies teacher that I had the silliest crush on him (well most of my friends and favorite teachers knew anyway, lol). While presenting me with the social studies award at our senior assembly a week before graduation she embarrassed me and outed my crush to the school, lol. My parents told me on the ride home “Well now we know why you watch ABC news so much!” Definitely wouldn’t be a party without George Stephanopoulos.

11. Chris Pine

I mainly fell in love with him during Star Trek too, but I think it would be sort of trampy to invite Captain Kirk and Spock to the party and have eyes on both since they are friends. But Chris Pine and Spock aren’t friends, so I’ll just invite Chris Pine instead of the NuKirk and win all the way around. Chris Pine has great eyes, they’re just amazing to look at and he has a young and confident swagger that is very appealing about him. He doesn’t seem like he’d be the life of the party to me but he does seem like a guy you wouldn’t mind having standing across from you on the other side of the room at a party so he can definitely come!


10. Will Smith

He’s tall, he’s dark, he’s handsome and he’s crazy successful. The more Hollywood he has gotten the less I have found myself really drawn to him but I mean he’s Will Smith. I think most people who might even say they don’t like him wouldn’t actually mind him crashing their parties. He seems like he’d steal all the shine from you at your party, but on the other hand he’d probably pay for everything being a show off and it would more than likely wind up being a night you and your friends wouldn’t forget. Plus he has a great body and a great smile so he’d definitely improve the scenery.


9. Jeff Goldblum

There’s something nerdily sexy about him too. He’s also extremely funny to me and he’s tall, dark and good looking. You see the pattern by now I’m sure. There’s also a trend with dark hair and glasses I’m noticing myself as I do this. But whatever he seems like a really cool fun guy to have at your party to me. He seems like he could hold his liquor and hold some of yours for you too. And I really like his voice, lol


8. Bradley Cooper

I’m not very big on his face, but his body makes up for it. I got forced to see the A Team and I was really upset until he took his shirt off. And then I was upset when he put it back on. Too bad the romance in that movie was some complete crap. But if he came shirtless or in something very hugging he could definitely be at my party. It would be nice if he waxed or shaved too because I don’t really like hairy chests…but yup.


7. David Beckham

He’s definitely invited to the party. In fact I’ll send him two invitations. I don’t know jack about soccer, I don’t care about soccer. And maybe he’s dumb and doesn’t have a lot of good conversation. Maybe he’s incredibly boring. But there’s no need for decorations if Beckham is in the building. He’s just a really nice specimen of a man. Great body, great face…great everything looks wise.



6. Conan O’Brien

He went to Harvard. He wrote for the Simpsons. He made me stay up way past my bedtime every night while I was in high school when I had to get up at 5:30 am to be ready for the bus. I didn’t know why, but I was in love. And I’m still in love. It’s probably because he’s tall, intelligent and funny. Those are three big things with me. The only red head I’m crazy about in the world lol and he’s really not even traditionally handsome. He’s sort of a goof and kind of hyper but there’s something charming about him just the same. So I’d definitely want him at my party to keep us laughing and to keep on enchanting me with that red headed charm.


5. Mark Wahlberg

O yes, he can definitely come. And without his shirt too. He’s tall, dark and handsome and he’s intense if not a bit d baggish in some instances but he’s also funny. I figure if anyone would start a fight at the party it is him probably, but it would be well worth the risk having someone so fine there.


4. Jon Stewart

If he was a little taller he could certainly qualify as the man of my dreams. He’s so smart, witty, and he’s such an asshole but he means well doesn’t he? He seems incredibly cocky and sure of himself in everything and yet he manages to come across as down to earth as well. That combination is incredibly sexy. He is just a cool guy all around it seems to me and there’s no way you could have any kind of discussion at your party without him pissing someone off or making them feel like an idiot at some point. So he simply has to be there. He’d definitely be one of the first people I’d invite!


3. Keanu Reeves

He can’t act. He doesn’t seem especially smart, and in fact he reminds me of dry wall in many many ways. But he’s a lot better to look at than dry wall. He can come to the party but I’m not expecting much out of him in the way of great banter or having a sharp and intriguing personality. I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of dumb Matrix jokes because he’s there, but dammit he looks good for a guy with little personality so…he’s on the guest list!


2. Olivier Martinez

I saw Unfaithful. There’s nothing else to be said. He can come.


1. Sting


I don’t care how old he is, he’s still hot to me. And after seeing him on the Daily Show recently I saw that he has an excellent sense of humor. And he’s tall, and he’s a musician. He’s made some of the most acclaimed music of all time and he’s also quite charitable and involved. And he has an accent. So he can definitely be invited.


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Everybody That Disagree With You Is Not Your Hater. Get Over Yourself.

I’m going to open this post and go out on a limb and say this: The only human being in history that ever might have had nothing but haters was Jesus Christ if you believe in his divine existence as portrayed in the Bible. That’s it.

Everyone else, we might have some haters here and there but there are people who genuinely disagree with us, and people who genuinely don’t like us because our personalities and lifestyles are not compatible.

I’m not sure when the day came where people equated all disagreement with what they were doing as “hating”. I always thought that haters were people who were jealous of what you have accomplished, obtained or any other attribute that you have that they can’t possess. And since they can’t think of any legitimate reason to dislike you other than the fact that they are jealous of you, they say negative things about you to bring you down to their level.

Not today. Now anybody who doesn’t agree with what you are doing is a hater.

Sure, perhaps as my mother says if you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything (but hell she never followed this bit of advice either) but sometimes, things have to be said.

And we need to be more open to criticism and less defensive, and dismissive of it.

People think I’m a pretty critical person but I guarantee you as hard as you think I am on the world I am twice as hard on myself. I hold myself to pretty high standards I think compared to a lot of people and when I feel that I have screwed up or fallen short of the things I set out to accomplish there is little comfort that can be brought to me until I get right with myself.

And personally I don’t enjoy being criticized but I still listen. I don’t assume everyone who comes to me with a criticism is out to destroy my self esteem or doesn’t want me to achieve my dreams. And maybe they do. But you learn the difference, and heck even if it is malicious still examine it for truth.

Criticism can make you a better person. It can make you realize, damn maybe this outfit isn’t flattering on me. Dang, maybe I don’t take others feelings into account when I should. Maybe I am kind of a reckless drunk.

I can honestly say I’ve had an inflated ego especially during my teen and early college years. But learning to accept criticism has humbled me and made me better. I remember I would think a teacher was a moron if they dared correct anything I wrote because I thought everything I composed was genius. Once I let go of that I improved tenfold. I go back and look at things I wrote back when I was younger and I think, wow that was terrible. I’m glad someone had the heart to tell me that it was terrible because it opened doors for me to become better.

The thing is at the end of the day in order to have haters you need to be doing something worth hating on.

You need to be obtaining some kind of success that is difficult for anyone else to replicate to begin with. If you’re not the likelihood that you’re getting hated on in my mind is pretty low.

I just think overall the promotion of this idea that we can’t have some criticism of each other is another way to spawn weakness. If someone has a well thought out criticism of you, don’t be afraid of it at all. It’s annoying and it might hurt your feelings but in the long run it might guide you in a direction to become really successful by removing a road block you had no idea was there. It might enhance you as a person, or your craft to hear it.

By all means, keep negative people out of your life but don’t reject every criticism as “hating” because you’re afraid to deal with your own shortcomings as a person.  And don’t waste your time blaming your failure on haters either.

I think at times people who aren’t doing much of anything try to bolster their importance by making up haters and people with damaged egos can only justify any shortcoming as people hating on them. And that has to stop. It’s not a healthy way to look at the world.

Like I said if you aren’t perfect, you can’t only have haters. Sometimes, it’s just you.

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