I, Lex Lachelle…

Am a Chronic Intellectual.

I didn’t just make that up for the title of blog. It is my absolute way of life in almost every manner.

Knowledge drives me.

I wake up in the morning thirsty for the next thing I will learn. The pursuit of knowledge has for so long shaped my perceptions of life itself I am not sure if I could live any other way.

At times it borders on obsession, some would argue, but I can think of no thing in life more worthy of being obsessed over than knowledge. It has an eternal quality like few other things in our world of temporaries. It can never be taken from you as long as you are in your right mind, there is an endless well of it to draw from, and it can be passed on in many ways. It will live so long as there are others who are thirsty to have it. And it will expand our possibilities so long as we apply it.

It is the foundation of freedom itself.

I view the world based on knowledge. My fears are mostly based around how it will prevent me from acquiring it including any bit of a fear of death. If I do not ever have any solid romantic relationships I will never KNOW that part of life. If I do not travel and visit far off places I will never truly KNOW them either. If I do not wake up in the morning determined to read something or learn something else about the world around me or the one that is past then I will never KNOW enough to make informed decisions.

A whole world could be passing by over my head because I do not know. To me, that is unacceptable.

So I am a chaser of knowledge and even my speed does not satisfy me. And how could it? There is only so much one person could ever know in a lifetime, and even that isn’t a fraction of what there is to know, period.

So I strive to make the absolute most of this invaluable bit of life that God has bestowed upon me to learn whatever there is to know. Because in my own spiritual assessment of our Creator, I see Him as the ultimate source of knowledge, without limits. The world is not perfectly explained in a religious text, a church, synagogue, temple or mosque. Were it life would be an incredibly simple an incredibly short and a paint by numbers existence. I shun the notion that my Creator would create such a beautiful, ever changing world and boil it down to simplisitc and archaic solutions and ideas.

The true pursuit of a higher place, of any sort of, Heaven, or Nirvana must be in my mindset on the path of knowledge.

If Knowledge is Power, then surely God is Knowledge too?

So why not chase knowledge? I could find no reason to abandon such a worthy chase.

This blog is only my thoughts and my feelings on this journey. And any random ramblings I see fit to post.

Try your very hardest to enjoy.

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