I’m Glad One Of His Supporters Finally Said It: The Exhausted Obama Woman

I love this lady. Her name is Velma R Hart and she may very well be a plant though this event was supposed to have been screened but I loved her.

Because she said some of the realest stuff I have heard out of an Obama supporter in forever. And you can tell she caught him off guard with her answers. She wasn’t what he was expecting at all. In fact in the beginning of this tape you can see he was smiling like he thought she meant she was tired of defending him because she wanted people to get off his back.

Naw, guess again Obeezy, lol.

He stumbled and stuttered and came to a decent enough answer at the end in my opinion, but her point still stands in my opinion.

As I have said from day 1 Obama promised a LOT of big things and he simply is not able to deliver on most of them and they have never been very realistica possibilities. I don’t know whose fault it is more so, his for promising them or people’s for believing it. But once he sold them this dream they have every right to call him out on how it is being delivered if at all.

A lot of his supporters from my experiences are too cowardly to even admit that he is not living up to their expectations or that he is unable to maneuver the things he wants through Congress with any bit of confidence so that they pass.

Here is someone who is clearly not against him, not a Tea Partier or someone you can just call an out and out racist. Here is someone who supported him and has geniune concerns and wasn’t afraid to raise them. What’s great about her is that because of her being his supporter and concerned people can actually listen to what she has to say and not dismiss her as just some crackpot who wants to see him fail.

Her questions and concerns are most certainly legitimate and I think should be on more Americans lips. Not that I think the Republican party is the answer either, but what Obama is doing thus far is only producing SEVERELY watered down versions of what he promised if he isn’t breaking the promises completely and his supporters should be the first to hold him accountable for that.

What is your vote worth if you won’t do that much?

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