Hey Kanye, You Can’t Be An Asshole and Play The Victim. Pick A Team.

In Reference To This Video

There are few things worse than a person who has a fuck the world attitude and then whines when the world fucks them back.

I don’t mind assholes. Some of my best friends are probably considered to be less than friendly people by most in their circles. But I can honestly say if they ever sat around whined about the way others treated them I would roll my eyes at them.

Here’s my feeling on that: When you decide that your opinions and feelings are of greater importance than the comfort, feelings and opinions of others to the point that you have any right to express them in any form you see fit then you relinquish your right to whine about expression on the actions you have taken.

Unfortunately, Kanye West doesn’t seem to adhere to my policy. Which is cool. That’s my policy, perhaps others think it is okay for someone to pride themselves on speaking their mind and then play the victim when the world speaks its mind right back to them.

Perhaps. I personally think it proves that the “asshole” is really a coward insulting and interfering with others to deflect their own insecurities and shortcomings.

Let me start out by saying this: There are bits of truths in the things that Kanye says in this video. But they are drowned out by bullshit and him contradicting himself repeatedly.

My first issue is his complaint about how do people judge his work?

He says you really can’t and he’s basically spending the entire time complaining about what critics are saying about his music. Demonstrative of his obsession with that, which is not of value as he claims, he even spits out exact star ratings his projects got.

Fine, Kanye. You do not feel that critics are able to accurately examine and rate the work of  artists such as yourself. Let’s go with that assumption.

If that is the case why were you even bothered in the least by Beyonce not winning the award for the Single Ladies video if the thoughts of others on art is of little value?  At the VMAs no less which are more a show about the antics than the actual awards which have very little value at this point especially since MTV hardly even plays videos anymore?

It’s contradictory.

If he really didn’t care about being accepted and what critics thought of him or their opinions on “art” he wouldn’t even have memorized his ratings for the albums and furthermore he wouldn’t be so pressed about what the people who voted for the Best Female Video thought to the point that he would take a VMA from the hands of a 19 year old.

Then he goes on to claim that the last four albums of the years at the Grammys aren’t “accurate” albums of the years. And he lists them.

Yet all of this stuff is decided by the industry among critics and insiders. The very people he insists aren’t important.

Why focus on it and obsess about their selections only a few sentences after you claim these SAME PEOPLE are not worthy to judge your work anyway?

He sounds more pressed than anything.

If it wasn’t important, he’d ignore it.

And really he has more than his share of critical acclaim in my opinion. To me it sounds more like he feels it’s not enough or to the level which he feels his work is. And that’s fine, he’s free to have that opinion but I just think the statements he makes right after renouncing their qualifications to judge his work scream that he wants their approval but they are just not smart enough to give it to him or enough of it to him. Which to me indicates that it does matter to him.

My second issue: The way he talks about the Taylor Swift situation

Watching the video you can tell he is clearly not sorry despite his apology on Twitter which I always felt was more him doing what he felt he had to do than sincerely feeling bad. His response in this video supports my original suspicions. He makes a mockery of all of it.

He at one point claims the act was “selfless” because he was the person who suffered because of it.

Not kidding. It’s moments like this where you can really get a glimpse of his egomania. And this is just a glimpse.

And his central argument is because he feels Beyonce’s video was so amazing it just couldn’t lose. It shouldn’t lose any award. Which is ridiculous. And even if he felt that way does that justify what he did? No. But in his world it completely does and we should all thank him because he is standing up and saying what we all really wanted to say when in reality if he had let that moment go by I highly doubt anyone would have been whining a week later about Beyonce not winning Best Female Video. Again No one remembers who won much of anything at the VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS.

His next defense is that award show music cuts people off all the time and what he did isn’t new at all because of that.

He still doesn’t get it. He and Beyonce are victims. Of losing awards. Which if you remember are not important according to him.

If that’s not crazy enough he compares himself to the students in Tianamen Square and Emmett Till.

I could go on for days about this video. It really is a puzzling self contradictory mess of egomaniacal gibberish. Those are the strongest and most puzzling parts. His indictment of the media is contradictory on so many levels since he uses it to his advantage to support his lavish lifestyle but complains when his own poor choices result in him being handled in a less than friendly manner by the media.

Here is my bottom line with this: Kanye West needs to choose a team.

He cannot play the victim. He is only a victim and has only ever been a victim of his own overinflated ego which has elevated his level of self importance beyond his actual importance  and value in the world. He believes that because he is some sort of musical genius he is above reproach and any reproach is a misunderstanding of his genius or trying to crush his right to be himself.

That I cannot respect. As much as Kanye has every right to his opinion on the world I have every right to mine on him and so does every other person because he has exposed himself to that. He loftily states in the video that people don’t choose to be rappers and Presidents, the people choose them. That’s bullshit but if he is the representation of us and our feelings that he claims to be in his strange world then we have every right to complain when we feel he is making an ass of himself. And he should be accepting of it.

Or make like Rick James and be a real asshole and not give a fuck.

But this poor persecuted Kanye act is pathetic and beneath his “genius”. Personally I hope it is an act. While his music remains admirable his public persona has become so detestable I probably will avoid listening to another interview he has at this point because it’s all the same delusional drivel.

When the ego consumes the genius, there are no leftovers.

To Kanye’s ego I guess I say Bon Apetit.

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