The Illuminati: Fact or Fiction The Implications Are Worth Discussing


We’ve all heard about this in some respects so I won’t even be bothered to delve too much into the conspiracy theory behind this organization of “devil worshippers” prepared to take over our world by brainwashing us through popular culture at least from a religious angle.

I want to discuss this purely from an intellectual standpoint, or so I see it secularly.

Do you think it is possible that someone somewhere wants society to be dumbed down significantly for their gain?

Short answer: Yes

I’m not asking people to believe in the supernatural aspects of the Illuminati or even the organization as presented on youtube. Because there is no way to prove it exists. There are threads that connect things together in pretty convenient ways and very similar themes permeating all sorts of mass media and pop culture that could certainly give one pause.

But the fact is we don’t know.

There are some people who will vehemently deny it exists because it completely threatens their ideas of entertainment and in their own way ironically the idols that they worship prevent them from being able to admit there is any potential flaw in them or that what they are selling might not be beneficial to their life.

And then on the other end of the spectrum you have the person who insists it exists unquestionably and that they know all the symbols of this alleged secret boogey man organization and that our souls are at stake and those who are involved have already lost theirs and are training us to give ours away.

And then you have me in the middle.

I’m the reasonable skeptic. The person who weighs the merits of the entire argument because I have no team to ship here. There’s no one at the head of music, entertainment and politics who I believe is above anything when it comes to amassing more power, wealth and prestige. The idea that my favorite entertainer or movie star is in such an organization doesn’t threaten me because I only care about them on a very basic level. I’m independent minded and while I do value the things I love I am not a follower and overall don’t feel threatened by the influence of these people.

My favorite singers are Prince and Michael Jackson. If tomorrow I found out they worshipped the devil and did some freaky stuff to get ahead I wouldn’t be shocked. All of those things are possibilities because I know human beings are capable of anything and will do anything to maintain power.

If you consider the atrocities and the evils the Catholic Church a religious organization has done on the higher up level why is it so hard to believe that secular organizations or social circles are not capable of similar acts if not worse?

It’s all perfectly possible. And it doesn’t scare or offend me to discuss it because I have nothing to lose in doing so.

Here’s what does bother me though. Is society being brainwashed and becoming dumber? I’d say absofuckingloutely. That’s my opinion.

Our Education system seems to be failing at an alarming rate and I can honestly say that I have never been met with more disappointment and confusion at how people can be so misinformed, ignorant and blissfully so in an age where information is literally at our fingertips.

And people simply don’t care. They take the first little bit of information and go with it. It’s fact. They don’t check it even though they are on the internet almost non stop day to day with their social networks. Here we are within a world where we can literally find anything and we seek out nothing.

Cable news is an unreliable 24 hour feeding frenzy so desperate for a story and something to recycle they run off the rails with stories sensationalizing them and telling us how we’re supposed to feel. They set the agenda and tell us WHAT stories to feel about daily. And we look no further.

Political arguments are boiled down to simplistic drivel that at times doesn’t even reflect the very ideology which it represents. “Yes We Can!” “Take Our Country Back!” “Change We Can Believe In!” these things are no longer slogans, they are the summation of what people need to know about a politician. Partisan politics has become so dumbed down and if you don’t believe me, go check how many of your facebook friends political views say “Obama” followed possibly by something ignorant and nothing more. And check and see how many of those people actually know what he stands for.

And people don’t even bother telling you to get informed on the issues anymore. It’s looked at as elitist to know about candidates. Just go and vote they say. Based on what? What someone else tells you? A catch phrase? A slogan?! Aren’t I suppose to care enough about things to know?

I don’t think we’re supposed to anymore. I think that the simplification is so that we don’t ask questions and we don’t care.

I would also say that reality television has detrimental aspects because it encourages that mediocrity or loose ethics and values are avenues to success. Why be an upstanding, beautiful, classy educated woman when it pays more to be loud, obnoxious, manufactured or slutty and have a sex tape out? And reality TV has become the norm. The sitcom is all together dead, especially family sitcoms.

Television is almost completely permeated with shows about the lives of supposed average joes which we are told are real but pretty obviously are scripted in many aspects. And this is the fame many people are taught to seek because it is easy and simple fame.

Almost everyone’s aspiration is to be an entertainer these days. I feel like most people are in college because of social pressure but are making very little of it. Some people I know who are in college that are men want to be a producer, rapper, actor or would rather be on a reality show than actually do the job they are studying. Because really what is the glamour in being an engineer and living a “normal” life when all we’ve been bombarded with is images of excess and the glory of having people watching us. Learning and expanding our minds is not a valuable enterprise anymore because it is not what is promoted as what will ultimately bring you fame and glory.

The goal is to be the entertainer. And the way our lives have been further integrated into a larger global community through youtube, facebook, and twitter only increases the average persons desire to be famous in some capacity. Watch how some people on Twitter beg for followers and boast about how many they have for status. Or how many people on facebook promote themselves as models or rappers or producers. Everyone has a hustle on the internet and almost all the hustles revolve around getting famous to entertain. For some reason we have become a culture that wants to be watched.

We have been taught to glorify that above all else  even though a great deal of it is illusion and little else.

The objectification of females have made it seem that plastic surgery and unrealistic beauty expectations are the norm even though most women could never dream to look a certain way on the incomes we make. It’s never enough.

Men are degraded down to beings who are only worth something based on how much money they make and how many women they can treat poorly while having sex with them based on their income. As if they are nothing more than that. We’ve been encouraged to become hyper sexualized and to learn to value each other as human beings less and less by the media. People can say what they will but most of your ideas about love, romance and relationships comes from movies and music. Even those of us who have seen successful relationships in our lives we take our romantic cues from movies. Real life romance is never as glamorous and well polished but it is what we believe to be the truest romance and we try to replicate it.

To pretend that mass media has no affect on us and that culture is not shaped by the images is to pull the wool over our own eyes. The question is are we the shapers of the ideas or is someone in charge of that encouraging us subtly to be less intelligent,  compassionate, aware and ultimately less proactive and independent minded when it comes to our future and the future of our society as whole?

At the base of this entire discussion that is what we should be asking ourselves. Because mind control and brainwashing are real things. And independent thought is an endangered species. Can you link it to an organization that wants a numb populace to control or are we just degenerating on our own? Or perhaps we aren’t degenerating at all?

I can’t say for sure myself because I don’t know. Everything I feel I’ve already expressed. In my mind there is an assault on many positive attributes of humanity though, most importantly intelligence and that should be concerning to us. But I thought so long before any “illuminati” was ever a popular term to throw around.

My main concern is how do we promote exceptionalism among human beings again when the world has made mediocrity the new exceptional? How do you tell people to be better when better is hardly if ever showcased or rewarded especially when it is intellectually based achievement? To be informed when the media tells them just enough to feel informed?

Those questions to me are far more pressing than the existence of this alleged secret organization.

As much as I believe it is possible that something is deliberately contributing to these issues that I perceive, I like the idea that it isn’t the case because then the weak minded don’t have an excuse.

In closing, Read A Book, Have An Original Thought, Stay Open Minded and be a Damn Individual.


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1 Response to The Illuminati: Fact or Fiction The Implications Are Worth Discussing

  1. Kourtney says:

    Love the way you tell it like it is! I completely agree and have been guilty of a few things mentioned here but this makes me want to further educate myself! Keep educating girl!

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