The O Reilly Super Bowl Interview, The Black Eyed Peas And The Sealing Of My Loner Status

I’m really enjoying my journeys into classical music. It’s been a truly wonderful experience just listening every day. 2 hours goes by quickly and I learn something new indirectly. Today I learned that the leitmotifs of Tom and Jerry were based on Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin. Among some other cool things. And I never would have even opened my mind to think of it had I not been listening. I don’t think people will ever really understand how much your world expands when you take that step outside of the box or go that extra mile to be different. You can’t find new things about yourself any other way.

Anyway on to the real reason I made this post:

Why is everyone all up in arms over the Bill O Reilly interview? Well not everyone. Just people who don’t even watch the news very often or know anything about Bill O Reilly.

I am not a big fan of the guy or anything but one thing I do like about him is he asks questions that won’t get asked anywhere else. He’s definitely apointed himself to that position. He’s not a great interviewer overall but he will ask a tough question and try to knock a politician off of their talking points. That’s something to be appreciated when you watch tons of interviews that are so soft ball and filled with uninspiring queries that use up the hour. I think he put Obama in an interesting position and Obama was able to hold his own.

The vitriol on both sides over this interview is quite ridiculous. O Reilly’s super hardcore sect think he was too easy on Obama judging by the mail he got. And Obama’s worshippers think O Reilly wasn’t respectful enough to the President…or something. Both of them are being ridiculous in my opinion. It’s not Bill O Reilly’s job to attack Barack Obama. It’s his job to ask him questions and try to get answers. And Obama like ALL politicians sticks to talking points because let’s face it a lot of our questions they can’t or won’t answer because their words weigh so heavily in so many arenas they can’t say or answer everything. They’re thinking about all the other interests they are beholden to including their own re elections. I don’t see the issue in trying to get him off of those talking points at all. No one wants to hear the State of the Union regurgitated.

Bah. Most of the people complaining probably hardly ever watch Obama or O Reilly anyway. And their opinions on both of them are so tinted by whoever is socializing them they couldn’t cough up an independent thought on the interview if they tried.


Why did the Black Eyed Peas suck so much at the Super Bowl? Like so much? Fergie sounded awful, and I’m done asking what Will I Am was wearing. Just done. They need to never perform live again at anything. The half time show has gotten pretty lame overall post nipplegate, but this was a low I totally didn’t expect it to reach. Hats off to the Peas though. You can tell they really tried. It’s unfortunate how much they sucked anyway.

My loner status. It’s not really bothering me so much anymore. I really do have a good time when I go out alone now. I do wish I felt like someone understood me though. That is a terribly isolating feeling. I don’t really have anyone to talk to. I think one of my friend’s has abandoned me for his girlfriend. It’s to be expected. She’s having sex with him and all, but it’s incredibly lonely just the same. I’m an old person in a college town at 26 and I realize this more and more every day. But it is terribly isolating not to be around anyone like you and where do you find people like you? Especially when your interests are so diverse and different. I go along with the crowd from time to time but the same bar hopping and drinking got old to me a long time ago. I long to have a deep meaningful relationship with someone. It doesn’t have to be a romantic one at this point and we don’t have to agree. In fact I prefer that we didn’t. I just want mutual admiration and good conversation.

My God where will I ever find such a thing?

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